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About The Book

Dr. John Mendola, a theologian with a Ph.D., has authored a new book entitled Look Up For Your Redemption Is Near, which aims to spread the teachings of Jesus Christ. The book is a reliable source for accurately presenting the Scriptures, assisting readers in perceiving, comprehending, and accepting the divine communication of God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

In his writings, Dr. Mendola covers a wide range of subjects, incorporating both present-day living situations and historical events mentioned or described in the Holy Scripture. Recognizing the challenges faced by students and others in studying and understanding the word of God, he has made it his mission to simplify the message of the Lord and provide guidance to today’s youth, enabling them to navigate the right path.

One of the key aspects of Dr. Mendola’s work is his ability to connect historical and current events mentioned in the Holy Bible. By doing so, he helps readers grasp the chaotic nature of their world and equips them with the knowledge to better prepare for the end times. His book includes numerous passages and verses from the Holy Scripture, delving into their significance and meanings to further simplify the message of God.


Through his book and writings, Dr. Mendola aims to offer clarity and understanding to those who find studying and comprehending the word of God challenging. By providing insights into the historical context and relevance of biblical events, he guides readers towards a deeper appreciation of the Scriptures and encourages them to align their lives with the teachings of Jesus Christ. 

Whether you’re well-versed in the Bible or just beginning to explore its teachings, Look Up For Your Redemption Is Near is an invaluable resource that will enrich your understanding, strengthen your faith, and inspire you to lead a purposeful and spiritually fulfilling life. This book has the potential to make a lasting impact on readers, guiding them toward a deeper relationship with God and a renewed sense of hope and purpose.

About The Author

Dr. John Michael Mendola, born in New York with Italian heritage, was raised in the Roman Catholic faith. His musical talent led him to play the bass guitar during Church masses. During a trip to India in 1994, John was inspired to donate sound systems to churches and educate young people on worship leadership, which led to the establishment of Psalms for The World, Inc.

As John’s spiritual journey progressed, he gained a deep understanding of the Scriptures, becoming an ordained minister and Bible teacher. He is dedicated to helping others enhance their knowledge of Jesus Christ and has authored numerous books in multiple languages. John has also taught Bible studies, spoken at pastor conferences, participated in outreaches, and engaged in tent revivals worldwide.

Alongside his involvement in a local home Bible study, he spends Sunday mornings playing the bass guitar at local churches. Dr. John holds a Bachelor’s in Theology from Calvary Chapel Bible College, a Master’s in Biblical Studies from Liberty University,  a Ph.D. in Theology from Atlantic Coast Seminary, and a Doctorate in Biblical Studies from Liberty University.

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