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Dr. John Mendola’s book, Look Up For Your Redemption Is Near, focuses on spreading Jesus Christ’s teachings. The book effectively presents the Scriptures to assist readers in comprehending and accepting God’s message as conveyed by the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

His writings cover a wide range of topics, including contemporary life situations and historical events mentioned in the Holy Scripture. Recognizing the challenges students and others face in studying and understanding God’s word, he has taken it upon himself to simplify the Lord’s message and guide today’s youth toward the right path.

About The Book

Dr. John Mendola, a theologian with a Ph.D., has authored a new book entitled Look Up For Your Redemption Is Near, which aims to spread the teachings of Jesus Christ. The book is a reliable source for accurately presenting the Scriptures, assisting readers in perceiving, comprehending, and accepting the divine communication of God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

In his writings, Dr. Mendola covers a wide range of subjects, incorporating both present-day living situations and historical events mentioned or described in the Holy Scripture. Recognizing the challenges faced by students and others in studying and understanding the word of God, he has made it his mission to simplify the message of the Lord and provide guidance to today’s youth, enabling them to navigate the right path.

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About The Author

Dr. John Michael Mendola, born in New York with Italian heritage, was raised in the Roman Catholic faith. His musical talent led him to play the bass guitar during Church masses. During a trip to India in 1994, John was inspired to donate sound systems to churches and educate young people on worship leadership, which led to the establishment of Psalms for The World, Inc.

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Simplifying Scripture

Bible study is an essential practice for spiritual growth and understanding. However, diving into the Scriptures can be daunting and overwhelming for many individuals. In this blog post, we will explore practical ways to enhance your Bible study experience, drawing inspiration from the empowering teachings of Dr. Mendola’s book.

Empowering Your Spiritual Journey

In a world filled with uncertainty and challenges, finding solace and guidance in our spiritual journey is essential. The book Look Up For Your Redemption Is Near, by Dr. John Mendola, offers a transformative experience, empowering readers to embrace their spiritual path and discover the profound message of redemption. In this blog post, we will explore the empowering aspects of the book and how it can help you navigate your own spiritual journey.

What the Reader’s think

Mark T

“Dr. Mendola’s book is a revelation! It beautifully presents the Scriptures and helps me profoundly understand God’s message. Highly recommended!”

Emily L

“A must-read for those seeking spiritual guidance. Dr. Mendola’s book offers clear insights into biblical events and their relevance to our lives today. I’m grateful for the wisdom shared in this powerful book.”

David M

“I found Look Up For Your Redemption Is Near enlightening and thought-provoking. Dr. Mendola’s ability to simplify complex concepts and connect them to our current world is remarkable. It has deepened my faith and given me a fresh perspective on the Scriptures.”

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